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We reach out for help when something in our life gets our attention.  It could be distressing feelings or thoughts, paralyzing indecision, stress, relationship challenges, trauma, illness, or a crisis of faith, just to name a few.  We can feel vulnerable, lost, alone... our feelings overwhelm. 


Oftentimes, the original issue which first got our attention takes us on an unexpected journey. We are given the opportunity to deepen into our relationship with ourselves and the divine in ways that heal and change us beyond anything we could have imagined.  This reverberates into every aspect of our life bringing happiness, renewed vitality, a sense of belonging and feeling engaged in life, contentment and peace.  As we rediscover our life’s true purpose, we find meaning once lost to us.  We are able to give and receive love as never before.


I know from personal experience that it is possible to change.

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