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       One of the best ways to get to know me and the work I do is through the people I have worked with.  
       I have included some of their thoughts here.
"I’ve been in counseling before, with various levels of success. It takes time, and is a process to evaluate and determine whether a therapist’s approach is going to be a good fit. After my first session with Judy, I realized that her approach was really going to work for me. She brings in many different considerations and resources, although not with a sense of overwhelm. She introduces information as our conversation evolves, asking discerning questions with compassion. I always feel heard and understood, and I am thankful that I have Judy as partner on this path of healing."   -KO, Seattle

"My partner and I saw Judy for couples and individual therapy a couple years ago.  We needed to learn new strategies in truly hearing one another.  Judy is one of those magical people who has the innate ability to completely understand each of us from the inside out.  She was able to teach us how to re-frame our perspectives to find the honest intended message in every conversation.  She taught us how to focus on the success of our togetherness and to devise new ways of creating more.  Her suggestions helped us immensely, and over a relatively short period of time."  -NJ, Seattle


"In the year I saw Judy on an individual basis, she transformed my life.  As adviser, she taught me how to set my priorities and goals, and how to truly project the success I wanted to achieve.  Judy is incredibly spiritual and whether you are a believer or not, she will find a way to help you help yourself.  I went from repeating the same mistakes in my career, feeling overwhelmed and trampled by my boss, to literally achieving my lifetime goals.  Before I met Judy, I was already an incredibly successful person, but every achievement was a struggle.  Owing to Judy, I have never before experienced such seemingly effortless, long-term personal success.  Inside, I glow and have an unshakable confidence.  It's as if she ignited my star and I'm still on the rise.  My family, children, and co-workers have all benefited.  She is my trusted Sage and we are so completely grateful and indebted to her her compassion, empathy, and wisdom.  I still call on her from time to time for her advice and counsel."   -NJ, Seattle

"I have worked with Judy for 8 years. She is patient, kind, smart and articulate. She helps me source, accept, and love my emotional body within my physical body through guided imagery and welcome support from the spirit/angelic realm. I have transformed many negative belief patterns from childhood and today am able to use Judy's techniques to further my personal growth and healing."   
-MP, California
 "I started seeing Judy upon receiving a cancer diagnosis.  Judy has been with me emotionally, spiritually, and practically every step of the way.  I am CERTAIN that Judy’s compassionate, wise, and resourceful approach to my healing was the main reason that I stayed clear and centered during this “big life” moment.  Judy helped me to understand my emotional and physical journey through cancer from a Spiritual perspective—and that made ALL the difference.  What I thought was a physical problem has turned into a spiritual awakening. Additionally, Judy is one of the most resourceful people I know, and she helped me tremendously to navigate the allopathic and naturopathic worlds."   -JE, Seattle
"I have worked with Judy Wohlberg since ~1997, her style of psychotherapy has saved my life.  I owe it to Judy to have finally discovered my diagnosis of Aspergers, without her I might not have ever realized this major aspect of my life.  Through my work with Judy I have been able to access many resources that have improved my life and work and I am very grateful for her knowledge and continuing psychotherapy support"   -EL, California
“Judy Wohlberg is by far the best therapist I have ever worked with.  She listens, and then offers intuitive suggestions that also work with proven techniques.  She helped me through crises, helped me stabilize, and helped me grow further into health and balance.  Judy knows when to be serious, and when to laugh with you.  She cares."    -JB, California



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